Kipaş Holding Fabric manufacturing plants, established in a closed area of 120,000 m², manufactures 20 million meters non-denim and 30 million meters denim fabric production with 355 weaving machines and 1500 experienced employees and have a wide range of production portfolio such as cotton and all fiber groups.

Kipaş holding, Leader of textile sector, has gained a place among the world's prominent suppliers by exporting %60 of its own manufactured fabrics.

Kipaş Fabric plants, having a wide range of production such as elastic fabric, corduroy cloth, printed fabric, attach great importance to R&D studies at every stage of production. Products and services are developed according to market conditions and customers' demands at the departments, organized by experienced staffs.

Fabrics are tested through advanced test methods according to World's standards. Kipaş Holding continues its way by developing the trust with the help of its certificates relating to production and quality.